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HGH can improve your sports performance? Myth or truth?


This is one of the oldest marketing mantras there are. A lot of companies that make human growth hormone are targeting the athletes that are looking for a shortcut, something that will help them to beat the competition. But is this the truth, or just another marketing hype?

I’m sorry, but various clinical studies have confirmed that human growth hormones are ineffective in improving someones athletic performance. It’s just that the manufacturers of HGHs always “forget” to mention that fact. They usually bring some well muscled guy to be the front man of their commercial, maybe put him on the product. Naturally, this affects potential buyers who, subconsciously think that if they start to take HGH they can get a body like that.

If I wanted to be completely honest, I guess that I should mention that HGH can indeed help you improve your muscle mass. But not on its own! You need to use human growth hormones in combination with anabolic steroids to achieve that kind of result.

Unfortunately, marketing companies, using big time sports athletes have made a wrong impression that HGH can really help you to be a better athlete.

One of the biggest reasons why HGH is so popular; with athletes looking for a shortcut is that, unlike the anabolic steroids, human growth hormones are not that easily detected during doping tests as they are hard to detect in your urine. Of course, if you think that it is completely impossible to detect it, sorry but you are wrong.

If you ever used HGH and did manage to improve your performance, sorry but that was just a placebo effect. You just believed that you will run faster or jump higher thanks to HGH. So maybe next time, you should try to motivate yourself better in order to get the maximum out of your body?

A much bigger reason why you should not take HGH to improve your sport results is that you have a good chance of taking a wrong dose of it or experiencing side effects if you take it without the doctor’s approval. Most common side effects of HGH are pain in your nerves, muscles or joints, numbness and/or tingling of the skin, increased levels of cholesterol, edema and carpal tunnel syndrome.

HGH hormones are meant to be used for completely different purposes than helping you run faster. Things like HGH deficiency are very serious and can seriously affect someone’s life (the said person will remain small).

If your kid is suffering from the lack of HGH hormones then, by all means visit a doctor and tell him to write you a prescription for it, but if you want to cheat in order to win a sports competition or to get into a high school football team, then be prepared to be caught eventually. Trust me, I always find that nothing beats hard training if you want big results.